December 31, 2010

{New Years Eve Top 10}

A look back at some of my favorite layouts from two-oh-one-oh.

#1: First Snow
Love the colors on this, and the sweet pic of Gracie's first time in the snow.

#2: nineteen74
My hubby, before he grew up to be the man I love and adore.

#3: Number 1 Star Wars Fan
Tucker knows anything and everything there is to know about Star Wars. I love that I have this documented to remember this time in his life.

#4: Church Pictures
Now that my Dad is gone, I am so glad he was a saver. He kept everything, including the cover and our picture from an old church directory. I love that I have it to add to my scrapbook.

#5: Two of a Kind

You two really are two of a kind. I love that I have pics to prove it.

#6: I Miss This
So much emotion when I look at this layout. It seems like just yesterday the boys were so little. Three and five years old turned into 21 and 23 years old over night.

#7: Your Butterfly Tattoo
One of the funniest moments of 2010 when I got yelled for having a baby with a tattoo. Come on, seriously. Who would do that. Another layout I'm glad I have, although I'll probably never forget that day anyway.

#8: First Day of 5th Grade
Another layout that I love, but really wish he was still in kindergarten ; )

#9: My Little Firefighter
The pictures I found this year from way back in 1990, that I had never scrapbooked. Oh the memories of taking Andrew to the fire station to see the big firetrucks.

#10: My Beautiful Girl
After having 3 boys, it's still hard to believe I have a little girl. I love being able to dress her in pink, all the way down to her little glittery pink shoes. And an extra bonus, I get to scrap the pictures of her dressed in pink, all the way down to her little glittery pink shoes.

I hope you take the time to look back at what you've created this year.
See you in 2011.

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