December 29, 2010

{a picture is worth 1000 words}

One of my favorite pics from Christmas morning.
Yes, it is out of focus and lighting is off, but I love it. Years from now I will look back on this picture and remember waking up to the sound of giggles coming from the family room, where the two littlest had snuck out to see what surprises Santa had left for them. Remember the note Tucker left under the tree for Santa, and even though he doesn't believe, he wanted to leave a note "just in case". Remember that we put up this tiny tree with all unbreakable ornaments so Gracie wouldn't be too tempted by our usual floor to ceiling tree. Remember Tucker wanting his Yoda tree topper on this tree instead of the tree in his room. Remember how my snowman collection and our Christmas movies had to be on just the top shelves of the bookcase, again so little missy wouldn't be tempted to touch. How we found special Dora wrapping paper for Gracie, because Dora is her favorite right now. Remember getting a text message from Austin saying Merry Christmas Mom, since he had to work at Disneyland that day, and thinking about  how we wouldn't all  be here to celebrate that morning.  Remember the Christmas of 2010, and how we were so very blessed.

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