February 11, 2011

{Valentine's Day Love}

*I love that in 5th grade, it's still cool to hand out valentines.
*I  love that Tucker wanted me to help him make valentines that would be "cool, and different from anyone else in the class"
*I love how they turned out!

These were so fun, quick and easy to make!  I took a photo of Tucker with his arm out, making a fist. Added the text in Photoshop and printed as 4x6. Cut a slit at the top and bottom of his hand and slid the sucker in. I put a small piece of tape on the back, right over the slits in the photo and the stick of the sucker to make sure it stayed in place.
Love 'em!


Kirsty said...


kkrewtea said...

WOW! Great idea!

mommyof5kidz said...


Debbi Tehrani said...

That is THE coolest Valentine ever! And I'm a fifth grade teacher, and I, too, love that my kids love to hand out valentines!

Deirdre said...

This is just fab... saw it on 2peas and wanted to pop over and say hi and what a neat idea!