April 1, 2011

{Happy Friday Night}

So the colors are a bit off on this one (why do I wait until after sunset to remember to take photos??)
That's my hubby's Grandma in the picture, and from all the stories I've heard, I would have loved her. Notice what she's holding? Those are all photo albums. And the best part...along with all the photos, newspaper clippings, receipts and everything else she kept in them, she also wrote the names, the dates and the stories to go with all of it. I love that Grandma was a scrapbooker, but didn't even realize it back then. Last year my Father-in-law gave me all those albums. Talk about priceless.
One of my favorite things, written next to some of the photos, "I have no idea why I took this darn picture, or who the heck these people are." Seriously, I would have loved her.

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Debbi Tehrani said...

lol about the note on the photo! She sounds like she would've been a hoot to know! Such a gorgeous page, Mary Ann!