August 27, 2011


More of the old black and white family photos with some of the Country Drive collection from Echo Park. The sweet truck sticker was perfect!
(numbers: American Crafts, twine: My Minds Eye, paper-stickers: Echo Park,tag, doily)

When I'm working on old photos like these, I'm always so undecided what names to use as almost everyone went by a nickname instead of their real name. Ultimately these layouts will be for the kids someday, so I use the names the kids are used to hearing when the family stories are being told. Their Great-Great Grandpa pictured here was named Alexander. According to family legend, back in 1900 when a Alexander was just a little boy,  a census taker had stopped by the farm and said something like "hey there Buck". The name stuck with him from then on.  The really cool part is now that there are places such as, I can look at a copy of that 1900 Federal Census and sure enough, hand written by that census taker is the name Buck Barrett- age 3.   
I love family history!

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Tina Campbell said...

Another fantastic layout of the past. I was so tempted to buy this line of paper, now seeing how your using it I may be buying it tomorrow. Thanks for all the heritage inspiration.