August 6, 2011


We've always know Tucker was a smart kid, but apparently all this time we thought he was attending 1st through 5th grade, he was really attending High School.  What??
Well, that's according to the letter that came in the mail today from Congress/House of Representatives congratulating him on graduating from High School.
After having a good laugh, I showed the letter to Tucker. He read it through and pointed out on the second page of the letter it mentions "Internship Opportunities to help young people explore careers in public service". It says if you are interested in more information on internships, to contact them. Why do I just know he is going to be calling Washington, DC on Monday. (remember he is the reason we had the vacation to Sacramento a few weeks back because he wanted to visit the State Capitol)
I'll be keeping the letter for his scrapbook. One of those funny moments to look back on when he was 10 years old.

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