November 18, 2012

{She's 4}

Our girl turned 4 this week.
Of course I had to take another yearly photo of her in great-great grandma's chair.

4th birthday's are quite the celebration, especially if you've spent a bit too much time watching the home and garden channel with Mommy ;)  She only had 1 request for a present, a pink scooter, but had a list a mile long for the birthday celebration itself. A pink cake didn't surprise me, but the request for "a pretty plate for the cake to sit on" ya, that one made me laugh!

I love you Gracie girl, you make every day an adventure!


scrappymo! said...

I thought four was such a wonderful excited to lern new things, so full of questions, so full of fun. I loved it when my girls were 4! Treasure this time!

cindy said...

Happy Birthday to Gracie!!! She is such a cutie and looks just like you Mary Ann!!

Deb said...

I think your daughter looks like you!

Tanya Ham said...

She's an adorable mini-me for sure! :) I love that you take a pic each year in the chair, that is a WONDERFUL tradition! :)

laura said...

Congratulations! Mine are 29 and 24 and I refuse to accept how old they are getting (and that reflects on how old I have gotten, lol)