December 31, 2012

{New Year's Eve - Top 12}

As the year comes to a close, here's a look back at my top 12 fave layouts from twenty-twelve.

#1. Santa Cruz Boardwalk
Love everything about this! The wood plank paper, the tickets, the banner, all things you would see at the boardwalk.
#2 Dumbo
My Mom and me, Disneyland 1967.
#3 Yummy
Love the cut out clouds on this one!
#4 Right on Time
My Mom & Dad in-law on our vacation
to Yellowstone. My first time using
the "pizza slice" technique.
#5 Food Trucks
Clean and simple it!
#6 Great Aunt Ruby 1968
The only photo I have of me &
my Great Aunt Ruby. So very special to me!
#7 Eclipse
Love that I captured the image of the
eclipse through the viewer they made.
#8 First Trailer
Gotta love the old b &w photos of Mom and Dad.
#9 Sweet Memories
One of my favorite pics of Baby G. She already
has a layout in her album using this pic, I had to
make one for the family album too ;)

#10 The House that Love Built
Another heritage photo I'm so glad I have.

#11 You Make my Heart Sing
Scraps, stitching, washi tape and a cute photo. Perfect!

#12 She Inspires
I used my Grandma's old measuring tape
on this one. She started my love for
playing with paper by cutting paper dolls for me when I was a little girl.
Once again I like to look back and see the trends (like washi tape, twine and confetti) and wonder what new ideas will be popular in 2013. What trends will I follow? What old trends from my beginning scrapbooking days will come back around??  I still have 4 or 5 pair of decorative scissors, circa 1990 that I can use ;)

Some people refer to me not just as a scrapbooker, but as a paper artist. I like to think of myself as a memory keeper and story teller, recording the memories and stories I want to remember forever.

Thanks so much for making my little part of the world-wide-web one of your daily visits. I appreciate the comments and sweet words from each and every one of you! I'll see you in 2013!
Mary Ann


scrappymo! said...

This must have been such a hard post to do...To pick a certain few from so many great layouts you have completed this year was a hard task.

Great choices! Love, love, love the first!

Miriam Prantner said...

I love your style and I love your heritage layouts. Thanks for all the inspiration you provided for me this year! Looking forward to 2013!

Tina said...

These are all amazing Mary Ann! Love them all! Happy New Year!

Ashley Horton said...

Beautiful work Mary Ann!! Really love all of your layouts and these are some great ones to highlight for 2012!!

kate blue said...

Loved looking at all your gorgeous layouts! I normally do a post like tha but i had that dreaded flu over the holidays and i may just do one like this tomorrow...thanks for inspiring!