October 3, 2014

School Memories

As I was going through the kids' school scrapbooks this week, I noticed there were a few things missing from Tucker's 6th grade year, so of course I had to remedy that ;)

And yes, I realized as soon as I had written it, that I spelled "styrofoam" wrong. But it is what it is, and at least Open House 2010 is covered. I'm just glad it wasn't the layout about him being in the spelling bee ;)

Well, it's Friday again my friends. Enjoy!!


Ashley Horton said...

Love the colors on this layout, Mary Ann!!

Izzy Anderson said...

I'm a big fan of your style! Great layout.

Katrina Hunt said...

This is adorable!! And hey, I misspell words all the time, I just hope no one notices!!! HUGS!

scrapstreams said...

Another great layout. Our 10 year old Wesley builds a LOT of things. He used to scrapbook with me, but about a year ago he said, "Mom, I'm not a scrapbooker, I'm a crafter." lol His new obsessions of Star Wars and Mine Craft have him constantly inspired.