September 23, 2015

Scrapbooking Life

I've always been one of those moms that saves my kids papers and artwork from school, but I am selective on what I save. The everyday math, spelling and same 'ol paperwork, nope, I don't save them. The cute drawings, funny things said, firsts, those are the things I do save, especially the elementary school papers. Sometimes I'll save a whole stack and work on them all at once, and then sometimes you forget about them and realize your daughter is now 2 grades older and you better get with it ;)

I love being able to look back and not only see how much her writing has changed since then, but also see that in those first days of Pre-K she was forgetting the "a" in her name.  I usually keep the layouts pretty simple since I do want the actual school work to stand out. Also, to keep track (for those time you let 2 school years go by lol) when I keep a paper to scrap later, I always add the date and grade on the back so I have the info when I am putting the layout together.

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