September 13, 2016

Roll the Dice Challenge - Paper Issues!

Have you seen the new monthly challenge that was added over on the Paper Issues blog today? It's called Roll the Dice, and has such a clever way of coming up with what to use on your layout!! Be sure to head on over to the PI blog to check out the fun video and see exactly what Roll the Dice means!

And here is my Roll the Dice challenge layout, using 2 photos, and 5 papers.

For this one, I went to Google Earth, and focused in on where the house that we recently moved from was, and then also the area of the house we moved to and did a screen shot of each separate area.With these overhead photos, you can really see the difference in the houses all lined up on the city streets surrounded by freeways in the "then" photo, and the houses surrounded by mountains, hills and fields in the "now" photo.

I must say I'm still getting used to the now photo. It's so different to walk outside and not hear a sound except a cow mooing or a chicken clucking. To see raccoons, wild turkeys, rabbits, skunks and foxes in your yard (or garage as the case may be with the fox lol!) see deer grazing, and have to stop to wait for them to move off the road so you can drive by, and to always be aware of rattlesnakes that may be nearby. Those are just a few of  our animal friends ha!

That was then, this is our now.

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1 comment:

Daisie Hanson said...

That must be a huge change! I remember moving from the country to the city and how hard it was to adapt to the noise. I think this was an excellent way to scrap that story! Beautifully done!